Behind your Life Story

Everything that is behind our story, which God keeps and does not tell you, is a gift. You will not know why God never told you now, but later at the right time it will definitely open why.

We really will never know everything that is behind us, God deliberately hid it from us, because if you only knew now, it would be a big threat to you, so God is good for you to open it at the right time.

If you are currently trembling and he doesn’t give a response, behind all your stories there must also be stories about you even though right now you haven’t been told the reality but just wait until God opens it for you, you will definitely know everything.

Just believe, now you only live your days, but there are people who are behind your days are busy praying without your knowledge, God deliberately covered it from you, but one day you will know anyone who is praying for you and it will be the most beautiful gift that God loves you. No need to feel that you live alone.

Author: Nada Taufik

Filmmaker, Photographer, Creative Designer, Traveler, Rocker.

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