Get to know your partner

If you want to know more about your partner, then invite him to travel far away together by car or bus, and why is that?

You’ll see all the bad and good things what they’ll do everyday around you, if he/she grumpy person, it will show and if he/she lazy person, you’ll know too. And if he/she very responsible person, patience person, you’ll falling in love with him again and again, you’ll just kiss him a hundred times and thanks to God that you got him.

I learned this lesson a long time ago, so when I date someone or want to get more serious, I ask him to go along with me on the traveling. Guess what? I will stop right there if it’s bad start or if I feel not good with that person.

Because that way, there will be a test of patience when traveling a long journey. The trip can make us bored and tired of the journey, especially if taken by car or bus, we can issue bad habits when we are tired. Trust me with this one, I already done it thousand times.

And if your partner have a background sickness, you’ll know on the journey, you better check it if it’s bad or not, if you could continue the relationship or just end it. You pick the best for your life!

Author: Nada Taufik

Filmmaker, Photographer, Creative Designer, Traveler, Rocker.

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